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    3. Stuffing Boxes

    Many thanks to 25thmustang for his contributions to this article!

    Packing a traditional stuffing box is normally not hard to do once you have an understanding of how it works. The hardest part is usually the contortions you have to put your body through to get to it.

    Before we begin lets make sure we are clear on some of the components of the stuffing box. One component that is not shown is the shaft log. The shaft log is a tubular fiberglass passage ...
    by Published on April 21st, 2010 19:19     Number of Views: 22294 
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    5. Marlinspike

    There are many different ways to connect anchor chain to your rode. The method you chose will be determined by the equipment you have. When using a windlass the most common method it the Rope to Chain Splice and more specifically the Backsplice.

    This article will help guide you through the process with both photos and videos.

    The following ...
    by Published on January 23rd, 2010 17:45     Number of Views: 64894 
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    4. Engine/Propulsion Systems

    It should go without saying to use caution when troubleshooting an engine suspected of overheating. On freshwater cooled systems the coolant is under pressure and if hot may cause severe burns.

    If you suspect your engine is running either too hot or too cold, verify that the problem actually exists. Temperature gauges are prone to fail or provide inaccurate information especially with age. ...
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    3. Electrical Systems

    For many of us our first boat is not likely to be a brand new mega-yacht fresh off the showroom floor. More likely it will be a used boat that has experienced a few owners with each one adding their personal touch of electrical devices from trolling motors, depth sounders to extra batteries. One of the most intimidating aspects of boat repair for most people is tackling the marine electrical system. ...
    by Published on December 14th, 2009 21:28     Number of Views: 182725 
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    3. Electrical Systems

    Boat repair can be a frustrating task and at some point the standard issue tap, tap tap is not going to be enough to revive that gauge problem you have been avoiding. Hopefully this will makes things a bit smoother and give you a better understanding of the troubleshooting process. There is also a downloadable guide to assist you! ...
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    Actually, he missed last year. Must have wanted...

    Actually, he missed last year. Must have wanted to save the biennial plants growing through the hull. :rolleyes:

    lotus Yesterday, 20:28 Go to last post

    That's the second consecutive December we've seen...

    That's the second consecutive December we've seen this project. I think it's the Holiday Season that makes Cap'n Ray sentimental for old boats.

    All the best to you Cap'n Ray!

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    wow, adventurous

    wow, adventurous

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