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    Many new boat owners consider driving a boat to be similar to driving a car. However there are many differences between the two.

    Drive is a term usually associated with a land based vehicle, and loosely means to direct the motion and course of that vehicle, while operate and maneuver mean to direct or control with purpose and precision. Pay attention to that second definition, it implies that the operator should possess a certain level of knowledge and skill. Armed with a little knowledge and dedicated practice you will quickly learn to maneuver a boat instead of drive a boat. ...
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    So you have found yourself the proud owner of your first twin-engine cruiser and can't wait to take her for a spin. More likely you have already taken her for a spin and other than a few dings and a bruised ego you find yourself wondering how you ever got her nestled safely back in the slip. After all, everyone told you that twin-engines were more maneuverable, right! In the hands of a skilled mariner they are more maneuverable, but for those that lack a ...
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    Locking through a dam or "Locking Through" can be a bit intimidating the first time you do it especially if you are sitting on the downstream side of Wilson Lock with gates over 100 feet high.

    A simple summary of the process goes something like this: ...
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