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    A seacock needs some extra bulk between it and your hull mainly to absorb abuse from wrenching the valve handle, but also because once you add any adapters and a barb fitting, the hose can put some pretty serious side loads on your seacock flange. Here is one solution for the backer plates;

    When I'm doing any fiberglass work, I try to think ahead a bit by saving some of my scrap pieces of mat or cloth and cut them ...
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    This video shows the replacement of a thru-hull transducer.

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    Installing a thru-hull may seem like one of the most daunting boat repair task to handle, but it is not a very difficult job for someone with basic mechanical skills and the proper tools. However, a successful installation does require a bit of preparation and planning. Just drilling a hole in the boat, applying silicone and sticking in the thru hull will lead to disaster.
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    Whether you are installing a thru-hull or mounting a windlass the most critical part of the job is protecting the balsa core encapsulated within the fiberglass layers. Boatbuilders began using balsa wood years ago in the manufacturing process because it is lightweight, adds strength and is low cost. ...
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    my new old boay

    I got this 12' V-bottom 1963

    1st pic is when I got to boat home. The bike tires was a way to move boat to the water edge. you could see the old transom.
    the next tow is the newly repaired...

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    hello from the sunshine state
    I just got a 12' startcraft and cleaned it up and replaced the transom.
    Only have ele motors for it. thinking of adding a floor to make it stable. its a little tipsy...

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    Cap'n Ray

    Welcome! I would check power to the gauges and...

    Welcome! I would check power to the gauges and ground. If they all quit together, and nothing else is affected, Id check ground first. Let us know what you find, might help the next guy.

    Cap'n Ray April 19th, 2018, 07:59 Go to last post
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