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    This is a shot of the flybridge helm with the original Wagner 700 Series helm pump removed. The existing hole does not work for the new Seastar pump. I chose the Seastar adapter kit and I need to make a 4 1/2" hole to mount the new pump in. I must admit that the prospect of damaging the fibreglass made me a wee bit nervous.

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    Thanks to GWNorth for contributing to this article!

    This guide will only cover installing new O-rings on the pressure relief screws for a 1986 SeaStar helm unit.

    On this particular boat gaining access to the helm pump proved to be very difficult. It required removing the instrument panel, ignition panel, trim panel and a lower access panel to gain access to the nuts on the back of the four bolts holding the helm pump in place.

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    So you noticed an oily film in your bilge or maybe the steering began to behave in a strange manner. Upon further inspection you have determined the steering cylinder is the guilty culprit. If the cylinder is not the victim of corrosion then it may be possible to rebuild it. Rebuilding a steering cylinder does not demand a lot of technical expertise. However, it does require patience and a cautious approach to avoid scarring or scratching some important parts.

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