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    Many thanks to 25thmustang for his contributions to this article!

    Packing a traditional stuffing box is normally not hard to do once you have an understanding of how it works. The hardest part is usually the contortions you have to put your body through to get to it.

    Before we begin lets make sure we are clear on some of the components of the stuffing box. One component that is not shown is the shaft log. The shaft log is a tubular fiberglass passage ...
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    lotus,it is on a 12 v circuit(Thank you)as for...

    lotus,it is on a 12 v circuit(Thank you)as for the handle it's just my initials,iv'e heard 'em all(even when it was legal):)

    ddt Yesterday, 07:19 Go to last post

    Hi ddt, and welcome. Assuming that the step...

    Hi ddt, and welcome.

    Assuming that the step lights are on a simple, 12 V circuit, you can use the existing wiring. LED's can be problematic on a circuit with a flasher or dimmer unit and, it those...

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