• Battery Relocation Project

    OK so I gotta get this battery relocation project going. I hope to get batteries and supplies together this week. I've figured on going with eight golf cart batteries with as much capacity as I can afford and fit into my battery boxes. I like what I hear about Trojan batteries, they are priceyer though. I'm either going with eight Trojan 220 ah golf cart bateries, or for the same money I can get eight US Batteries rated at 245 ah. What would you do?

    I plan on running 2/0 cable from the batteries to the battery switch located in the settee above.
    I need to mount a 200 amp fuse before the battery switch. I thought real close to the batteries would be good, but now I wonder if it's OK to have fuses in the engine space, and I also wonder if there might be an issue with having a positive charged terminal block where there's a slight possibility of accidental contact to earth. Should I just mount the fuse in the settee above? What would you do?


    I need to move the inverter, battery charger, battery switch, and a couple of buss bars to this space under the settee. I will need to build a box in the corner and mount everthing inside. Access is good from above. I can mount the battery switch in view by cutting the door down a bit and adding some to the width to frame beside it. This would alow us to know at a glance if the switch was on or off, but it's just another peice of machine visible in the living space. Or I could mount the switch just behind the cabinet door on the front of the box I must build. This would hide the switch when the door is closed. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. What would you do?



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