• How to Tie a Bowline

    Bowline (pronounced bowlin)

    The bowline knot is a great knot to form a loop in a line. The principle advantage is that the knot is easily untied once the load is removed from the line and does not slip or bind. It is commonly used to fasten a line temporarily to a post, a mooring ring or when towing objects.

    Many people use an analogy of a rabbit and a hole to remember how to tie this knot and I will add it to the steps as necessary.

    Attachment 2321

    1. Form a loop in the line, this will become the rabbit's hole. In this picture the standing end is at the top of the picture and should be thought of as a tree standing beside the hole. (note when forming the loop pay close attention to how the loop is formed lying on top of the base of the tree).

    Attachment 2322

    2. Now the loose end (bitter end) can be thought of as a rabbit as it comes up out of the hole. (note how the rabbit passes through the hole under then over).

    Attachment 2323

    3. The rabbit then runs around behind the tree.

    Attachment 2324

    4. As the rabbit comes round the tree it dives back into the hole.

    Attachment 2320

    5. Grasp the bitter end and portion of the loop with one hand while grasping the standing end with the other and snug the knot.


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    1. jprohan's Avatar
      jprohan -
      This is the only knot I ever use; never buy dock lines with loop spliced in. I just tie a bowline whenver I need a loop. Once towed a 16 foot center console 200 miles from Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, at 16 kts. for 200 miles. When I got to FL the know untied fairly easily. Learn this one and you'll be happy you did.
    1. TimG's Avatar
      TimG -
      This knot continues to amaze me with the loads you can put on the knot and still get it untied. I find new uses for it all the time both on the boat and off. Jprohan have you posted pictures of Alexa Grace yet?
    1. Lomew Bartho's Avatar
      Lomew Bartho -
      Hey Guys thanks for sharing that information.
    1. TimG's Avatar
      TimG -
      YW Lomew
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