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    My boat's non-skid surfaces are beginning to lose their effectiveness, so I decided to freshen them up a bit. I researched various products and after reading several reviews I settled on a product from New Zealand called KiwiGrip. KiwiGrip is a hard acrylic polymer that cleans up with water and is very easy to work with.

    KiwiGrip is a paste like paint that comes in white and can be tinted to the color you desire. For application, they
    recommend using a brush or trowel to spread the paste, then use a roller to give the surface its non-skid texture. I found that the trowel was desirable for smoother surfaces while areas of my old non-skid that had some texture remaining required a putty knife. You could probably get away with textured rollers from your local home-improvement store. However, I opted to order a few textured rollers from KiwiGrip. The rollers sold by KiwiGrip provide a really nice texture to the paste. However, they received negative reviews since they did not last long. I found that to be true as well! By the time I had finished my swim platform (approximately 36 square feet) the roller was destroyed. Here are the tools that I used to apply the product.

    Attachment 1244

    You have to pay close attention to the drying times versus temperature suggested by KiwiGrip and it helps to have two people working on the project. This stuff begins drying really quick.

    To prep the surface all that is recommended is rough up the area with sandpaper or a steel brush, then clean with soap and water. Once the surface is dry, tape off the area where the non-skid will be applied. In the picture below you can see my swim platform taped off, and I have started applying the paste with a trowel.

    Attachment 1245
    The amount of surface area you cover before using the roller to texture the paste will depend upon the temperature. In my case the temps were hovering around 65 degrees so I worked an area of approximately four square feet at a time. Don't forget to remove the tape while the paste is still wet!

    In this picture I am using the roller to texture the paste.

    Attachment 1246
    In the picture below I have finished texturing and now its time to remove the tape. You can easily see the texture pattern.

    Attachment 1247
    Now we are ready for the summer with a much nicer looking and safer swim platform. I will provide an update on the performance of this product later in the summer.


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    1. TimG's Avatar
      TimG -
      Update: I talked to Willy at KiwiGrip and he said that the issue with the poor quality roller sleeves has been addressed. He said KiwiGrip had sent new sleeves to all of their distributors and notified them to destroy the old ones. He even offered to send me a replacement if I needed one! Now that is customer service.
    1. TimG's Avatar
      TimG -
      I surveyed my work today after the KiwiGrip had some time to dry, and at this point I am extremely satisfied with the finish. After applying the KiwiGrip I had a slight concern that I may have been too aggressive with the texture, and that it would be abusive to bare feet, however that appears to not be the case. Today I noticed that the texture seemed to smooth out just a bit and provided a nice finish. So keep that in mind with your application and adjust the texture accordingly.
    1. Coach's Avatar
      Coach -
      What kind of coverage did you get?
    1. TimG's Avatar
      TimG -
      Coach I did a step and my swim platform and have about an inch left in the bottom of a quart can. On the Kiwigrip website they say a liter will cover about 2 square meteres. Based upon my experience it appears that a quart will cover appx 28 square feet if applied in a thin to medium thickness.

      It has been almost two months since I applied the product and it is still going strong!
    1. limacina's Avatar
      limacina -
      I found it at jamestown marine for $140 a gallon, I think I need to consider this my best option for my aft cockpit.
      thanks for the writeup!!
    1. AndiaEvans's Avatar
      AndiaEvans -
      Quote Originally Posted by limacina View Post
      I found it at jamestown marine for $140 a gallon, I think I need to consider this my best option for my aft cockpit.
      thanks for the writeup!!
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