• Weather Resources and Google Earth

    (Important: Please read the notes below the weather window or you will miss out on the good stuff)

    NSSL Radar Loop
    IR Satellite
    Visible Satellite
    Water Vapor Satellite
    Weather Warnings
    NWS Loop

    The selections listed above are a sample of what is available in the KML file that you can download for use on your own computer. When you run the KML file on your own computer the load times for the various products are reduced. The download link and instructions are listed at the bottom of this page.

    Google Earth has provided a wonderful platform for graphical display of data that can be valuable to mariners! If you haven't tried it the time is now. I have spent countless hours searching the internet trying to find all of the resources that a mariner would find helpful and place them into a single Google Earth file (kml/kmz).

    There are many resources in the downloadable .kmz file not shown in the map above such as nautical charts and ship weather data, If you find a good resource and want to share please post a link to it in the comments below and it will be evaluated as an addition to the main file.

    Here is how you do it!
    1. Download and install Google Earth here!
    2. Download the weather file from here and save to your preferred location (be sure and note where you save the file). If windows wants to save the file as bh2weathermaster.zip change the name to bh2weathermaster.kmz and then select save (a kmz file is a zipped version of a kml file).
    3. Now just double click the bh2.kmz file you downloaded and it will launch in Google Earth.

    Most of the data resource items in the BH2 file require large amounts of data to be transmitted via your internet connection and may take some time to load. For best performance select only one item at a time. Many of the weather products loop just like they do on TV and you will see a slider bar appear in the top left of the screen. For the best presentation learn how to use the timeline slider bar to adjust the speed and time parameters. Also take advantage of the Opacity slider located at the bottom of the Places window just above the window. This will allow you to adjust the opacity of many of the weather layers.

    The data contained within the .KMZ file is streamed from all over the internet from various government agencies, private companies, universities and individuals. All we have done here at BoatingHowTo is to combine and organize this data into a single file for you to download and enjoy.There are too many providers to list but if you get the chance visit their websites and thank them for providing this information to the public.