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Westerbeke Generator

Marine Gensets

Section - That would have worked out well for you, bummer!...
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    That would have worked out well for you, bummer!
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    I'm not sure who may read this, but thought I'd put in my 2 cents...

    There's a guy out in Arizona (Mike) who I bought a 7kw rebuilt Westerbeke from. I had problems with contacting him throughout the summer - calls left, no response - on call with him and he suddenly had to get off "to pick up my daughter, but I'll call you back." (never did). Finally, after much annoyance, I received the unit. Remember, this was supposed to be a fully rebuilt unit (there were even delays in delivery as he was "waiting for parts...".). The unit was still on the shipping skid when I found the unit's anode was completely eaten away! Also, after a couple of hours run time, the main resistor failed. This is mounted on the top of the unit and it's unfathomable how the deteriorated condition of that part would have been missed prior to painting the unit (the paint masked the cracked state of the resistor).

    After 1 season's use, the unit stopped working. This was due to the onboard overheat sensor which shut it down. I found the impeller was completely disentegrated - no fins left at all.

    I called to complain and the guy said he couldn't understand. During that conversation, he again had to drop off the call to "pick up my daughter".

    My advice, if you're looking for a used unit, stay far away from this guy. You'll find him advertising rebuilt Westerbekes on EBay.

    After working on the unit myself and getting it in proper working order, I realized that starting the unit from its location in the engine room area (directly under the salon's floor of our '88 32' Marinette Sedan Bridge) was going to be a real pain. I found schematics of a remote start panel and also a remote start / system monitoring panel. Neither of these are still in production. So, I built my own. Original cost of the unit was about 600.00. My cost was around 250.00. It allows me to start the genny and also monitor oil pressure, water temp, engine hours, and electrical output. I also added a couple of 90 deg panel illumination lights connected to switches as the panel's mounted next to the stairs from the salon to the galley - didn't want to keep overniters awake from the light.

    Bill Cassedy
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