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1959 Hiawatha-"Its Alive!-After 30yrs

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Section - I have my late uncle's 1958 7.5hp Hiawatha. This was made for the Gambles store ...
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    Default 1959 Hiawatha-"Its Alive!-After 30yrs

    I have my late uncle's 1958 7.5hp Hiawatha. This was made for the Gambles store back then. It sat in my brothers garage with him accomplishing only a couple of fire starts. As far as I know the last time it ran was back in the early 80's. I had it in my garage for 5 years until I finally retired the big boats and slid down to a 12ft Myers aluminum. This boat needed some tlc. So the trailer was first. New paint job, new tires and bearings, new bed rails, new lights, new winch!. Well after all of this and some modifications to the boat my 300 dollar boat became 1000 dollar boat. but I have hand cranks for the anchors, cup holders, folding chairs that clip on and off. but the motor is the real gem.
    As I said, it hadn't ran for many years. First thing was to lay it forward and spray JB blaster down the spark plug holes. I let this sit for a week. This did unfreeze the engine. Then over to the neighbors to use his flywheel puller. The screws on this were original. Nothing has every been removed. The spark plugs still had the original paint on them. Once the flywheel was off which needed a little tapping and a touch of heat, we uncovered the condensers and points. The flywheel plate had to be polished up and the condenser contact arms also. They still had the original yellow coating on them. The points were loaded and one was frozen. We took extra care while working on that one. Once all this was done, we took the two covers off the chambers which exposed both piston chambers. There was a vac line going to one. A couple of ounces of SeaFoam down each and allowed to soak for 20 minutes. Then we tipped it up and put Seafoam down the carb until it ran out below. From there I injected a shot of starting fluid and cranked it. It fired and quit. I then disconnected the spark plug and gave it a few pulls. I could tell the bulb needed some priming and did so when needed. The third try was a charm. It took off and the grit, black carbon, nasty looking water came out. I ran this for 30 minutes changing the water in a 5gal bucket with the hose. But, we had success!!, now I am waiting for a nice day to take it out and adjust the high speed. My uncle didn't run this very much. We checked the lower unit and only about 2 ounces of gear lube came out. We flushed this with kerosene until it was clear. Then we added 90w gear lube. Well thats the end of my success story!

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    Nice job shroom. Great satisfaction to get her running. Got pictures? We like pictures!

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    Yeah I wanna see a pic of that one!
    ~ on the hook ~

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