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Sizing Starting battery charger

Marine Electrical

Section - I have a 1979 Cruise-A-Home I just bought. It has a pair of OMC 350 ...
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    Default Sizing Starting battery charger

    I have a 1979 Cruise-A-Home I just bought. It has a pair of OMC 350 engines. The current configuration of the battery system has a house bank of 4 Trojan 105 batteries for 12 v and 450 Amps and a pair of group 24 batteries for cranking. The house bank is charged from the starboard alternator and a Freedom 25 invertor/charger.
    The starting batteries are paralleled and are charged from the port alternator and, currently, an auto grade charger - yes, dangerous.

    I have a few of questions:
    1. Is there a good reason to split the starting batteries and charge them from a dual-output charger?
    2. How are chargers for starter batteries sized? All I have is the CCA on the batteries and no Amp Hours.
    3. If the batteries are split for starting how to charge the batteries with a single alternator underway but a two output shore charger when on shore power?
    4. A salesman recommended a ProSport 8 Amp charger and a Blue Sea 7610 ACR and trigger the AC to disable the combination when on shore power. Is this a good idea?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Welcome David. Those Cruise-A-Homes are pretty slick. I pass a marina with one all the time. Unfortunately it hasn't moved in years.

    If it were me I would keep the configuration just as it is now (minus the automotive charger). This is also really similar to the way that I set up our boat.

    I would keep the group 24's paralleled to give the starters the benefit of the extra amps. I agree that an 8 amp charger probably would be fine as the start batteries typically don't need much charging. The alternator replaces what the starters use up pretty quickly.

    I wouldn't worry about the ACR but would consider adding an emergency crossover switch to combine the battery banks in case of a failure.

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    Default Sizing Starting battery charger

    Hi David;

    If you haven’t yet, check out the articles “Batteries and the maze”, and “Sizing your house battery banks” here on the site- lots of good info, maybe some ideas as well! I’m with Lotus on leaving it how it is though(minus the automotive charger)- a good marine charger is a bit more expensive, but a lot safer, and more likely to survive the environment.

    Let us know what you decide to do, and share photos of the boat & systems you work on. We all love progress!
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to go simple and keep the dual 24s. I would like to be able to parallel with the house bank but the house bank is at the other end of the boat (was like this when I got it). I think I will pick up an extra group 24 or 27 and keep it on 1 bank of a dual bank shore charger (a marine one that knows how to steer current). Then put in a switch between the backup starter and the parallel starter bank. More battery than I need but probably easier than running a high current line from the house bank to the back. Still thinking about this one.

    The engines are getting major service and new hoses next week. Ouch... Been a long time since it was done but luckily it runs well.

    This cruise-a-home is going to be out and about. I did not buy it to live on but to be on the river with (Columbia).

    I will post pictures as I go. New DC and AC panels are on the way as well as a SmartPlug, Galvonic Isolator, and ProMariner ProNautic 1210P. The current Shore power is hardwired through the boat skin to the AC panel. Lots of fun...

    Thanks again for the thoughts.
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    Oh. The House bank is 4 Trojan T105 for 450AH. It drives a 2.5KW Freedom inverter/charger as well.

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