Hi everyone . I have used the old plastic suction pump to change oil and it was terrible with the ends always coming off. I tried the drill pump method and it did work better than the hand pump but still was not a good method. I tried a cheap plastic oil change pump and it lasted through one change. Looking for a better way to change oil I saw pictures of a pump mounted on top of a five gallon bucket for oil changes. I decided to make my own since I had the parts laying around. I used a RV water pump , a SHURFOW diaphragm pump with 1/2 inch inlet and outlets and a 40# pressure output. I found a 3.5 gallon bucket that I liked more than the 5 gallon bucket, being a little more compact and easer to carry and fit in engine compartment yet with plenty of capacity for oil. I mounted the pump on the bucket lid and drilled hole on the outlet side to run the oil into the bucket[ used old faucet hoses to connect to the pump ].
I used a washer hose to connect to the suction side of the pump and to the dipstick connection on the motor, added longer power wires and gator clips to connect to the battery. hooked the washer hose to the male hose connection on the dipstick. put the bucket on the floor and connected the wire to the battery[ I warmed up motor and oil]. I a little over one minute I had all the oil pumped out of the motor with very little mess. WOW never got the oil out of my 4.3 liter motor that fast before. wished I had made up this pump system years ago, and I saved spending $170.00 for one.