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how do you know if you need to replace your exhaust manifolds/risers?


Section - hello I am a new boat owner and have some general questions . I always ...
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    Default how do you know if you need to replace your exhaust manifolds/risers?

    hello I am a new boat owner and have some general questions .

    I always seem to find things to worry about and have visions every time I go to the marina that my boat will be sitting on the bottom!

    what's on my mind now do you know if your exhaust manifolds and risers need replacing?

    my engines are 2001 with 450 hours always lift kept since new (kept in the water now as of this april) and hardly any maintenance except oil and filter changes. boat has been commissioned and winterized every year (I know the prior owner) and used sparingly every year about 30 hours/season on average. boat is kept in the water in a river off of the Chesapeake bay

    everything seems fine...boat runs great but I don't want to break anything through ignorance.
    since I've purchased I've been having some preventative maintenance done on the things that seem to be overdue including:
    * new OEM water water pumps on both outdrives
    * New spark plugs
    * new fuel pumps and fuel filters
    * engine oil and filters
    * caps, rotors, and ignition triggers
    * thermostats
    * outdrives pulled and serviced (new bellows and gear oil)
    * all new annodes on hull, trim tabs, and outdrives
    * bottom painnted and outdrives painted (with antifouling paint since they are always below water line)
    * new Propellers & hubs (old ones weren't bad but there were a few dings and a chip)

    now I'm wondering if my exhaust needs freshening up.

    how can I tell?

    advice and suggestions welcome

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    The only way to know for sure is to pull them off, clean em up and check em out well. Best case scenario- they're fine and you need a gasket set. Worst case- you have to replace it all (which you will eventually anyway) but it could save your engine! Pick up a gasket set and dig in. It's not the easiest job to do, but it's good for learning your way around he engine and preventing disasters!

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