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Section - new member here, building new aluminum 34' aluminum combination fishing vessel. being a new build ...
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    Default need advice

    new member here, building new aluminum 34' aluminum combination fishing vessel. being a new build want to try and save some $ and do as much of electrical as possible in this 12v system. A 6.7 Cummins for main 165 amp alt., 25kw northern lights gen set 60 amp alt., a 7hp and 5 hp compressor running a nitrox membrane system all below deck this is a 3 phase 208 AC. An 8d agm battery is dedicated to both engines, three agm's in parallel for house. How do I correctly hook up system with two different alternator amperage outputs to charge start and house batteries, a small inverter will be hooked to house and would like to have an AC battery charger in the system. Also properly bonding system to hull. Thanks for any info, Gary

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    Default need advice

    Wow Gary, sounds like quite the project! Can’t wait to see pix and follow your progress.

    As for your charging issue- ACR (automatic charge relay) really seems the way to go- they will connect a battery (or batteries) to the charge source(s) when needed, and disconnect when no charging is present or the battery doesn’t need it.

    A charge controller might be an option too- they’re getting more and more versatile- used typically for solar and wind power applications, having multiple sources of charge into one or two banks of batteries is becoming more prevalent and companies are making their controllers more versatile.

    If I were building it with the equipment I’m familiar with today though- I’d put the main engine alternator on the engine battery only, and the generator alternator to whatever battery it uses to start. Put a ‘jump’ relay between you house and engine batteries (I use starter relays) so you can elect to combine them if something dies and you need to get an engine started. Then I’d use an ACR to make sure that charge goes where it’s most needed when it’s available. Reasonably simple and mostly foolproof. Use the manufacturer’s instructions for the ACR connection- I can help you with the ‘jump’ relay if you need... but they’re pretty straight forward.

    Hope this helps and doesn’t create additional confusion!! Good luck!
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