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Wiring a Clarion xc2510 amp.

Marine Electronics

Section - I know literally nothing when it comes to electronics. I have a clarion xc2510 amp ...
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    Default Wiring a Clarion xc2510 amp.

    I know literally nothing when it comes to electronics. I have a clarion xc2510 amp and Clarion m606 head unit. I've attached wiring diagrams and pics. I have 4 stock boat speaker, 2 tower speakers and a sub. Whats the best way to wire them? Do I have to bridge 2 of them? If so, how do I do that? And which ones should I do them on? Thanks in advance.

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    You could probably be best served talking to a car audio guy... they can tell you what to parallel and what not to, how to do it, and where. Just make sure you use good tinned marine wire, shrink connections and lots of wire ties. It'll reward you with long, trouble free service if you take the extra time.

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    I agree with Ray on this one as well, a good car audio guy can give you the best advice on the best way to wire that in. There is nothing really special about a marine amp vs car amp other than the circuit boards should be coated to prevent corrosion so they should be able to help.
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