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ignition breaker issues

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Section - I have an 88 Supra, been renovating for 5 years. I have a problem with ...
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    Default ignition breaker issues

    I have an 88 Supra, been renovating for 5 years. I have a problem with my ignition breaker tripping when the nav lites are on. They can work for a few minutes or trip the breaker within a few seconds. I am wondering why the ignition breaker is tripping and not the breaker-switch for the nav lites. Any body have any idea where to start?

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    First off, Welcome aboard Matt! Good to have you on the forum. Hope you find lots of useful information here, and share your adventures with us.

    The nav lights often run from the ignition switch to ensure they don't get left on when your docked. Check all your connections, and make sure you don't have a wire shorted where it goes into the back of one of the lights- lots of sharp metal there usually, the light housings are bad for cutting into wires. If that doesn't help, try this: Troubleshooting Basic DC Electrical problems
    if that doesn't help, come back and post up... we'll help you all we can! Best of luck to ya!

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