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Trim gauge

The Marina

Section - I just installed all new gauges,for some reason trim gauge needle shows full up with ...
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    Default Trim gauge

    I just installed all new gauges,for some reason trim gauge needle shows full up with ignition off and full down with ignition on. Doesn't move one bit when trimming up or down,iv'e double checked that i got the correct gauge. Faria gauge-Suzuki DF150,any ideas.Thanks!

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    Definitely a wiring problem. First, if you disconnect the gauge, what does it show? Full up, full down or in the middle? If full up then it sounds like the "hot" wire is directly connected to the ignition and does not go through the trim sensor. You are thus getting full power to it as soon as you turn on the ignition.

    If it shows full down when disconnected then it is wired to a post that only has power with the ignition off ?????????

    In either case is sounds like the gauge is not wired through the trim sensor.

    Check with Mr. Google for a wiring diagram for your motor or outdrive. Although there is usually some logic to electrical systems, it is often more convoluted than politician's promises.
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