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    Approximately, two years ago our old girl started showing signs of a cold. She started out with the occasional sniffles that slowly progressed over time from a random hiccup to more frequent engine surging. As the doctor, I knew that for an engine to run efficiently it needed three things in the proper proportions and at the right time, fuel, air and ignition. So the series of tests began.
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    It was a nice Sunday morning as we eased up to our friend to tie off and enjoy the day in one of our favorite coves. There was a light breeze causing his Crownline to swing a bit so I had to approach a little steeper than usual. As I moved the port engine from forward to neutral the engine stalled. I quickly restarted the engine and shifted the transmission to reverse and Lucy continued forward. Something was amiss!
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    This project can be difficult just by the fact that my boat has v-drives and the engines sit backwards in the boat. To ease the process I have several egg crate camping mattresses that make the job a bit more comfortable.

    Also keep in mind with counter rotating engines the oil seals will be unique to each engine, make sure you order the correct ones.


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